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Paterson is a little town in the Eastern Cape with no tourism or other ways of generating income and that is why we are not very important for the government. Paterson's community and therefore Lighthouse of Paterson can not rely on almost any state aid. 
That means we need your help to make our vision achievable.

  • To make our HIV & AIDS events, presentations about sex education, environmental projects and alcohol and drug abuse
    lectures possible.

  • So that Lighthouse of Paterson is able to provide sport lessons, can participate at local tournaments as well as build our Headquarter.

Every penny counts!

Every help, even if it's only a small one is vital for us. So let's shed light together
and educate the youth so they learn from former generations mistakes and
make the world a better place.

Tel.: +43 650 5391366


Our next goal is to collect enough money to build the Lighthouse Headquarter. It won't only be a safe place for Paterson's children where they can come to if they need help or a hot meal for the day, it would give the Lighthouse Family an opportunity for a safe work place. And it would generate a place where we can hold our presentations and workshops.
Apart from that we want the Headquarter to become able to accommodate volunteers so we can make a difference together on site.

(we apologize that this short film is only available in German)

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Let's Make a Change

Here are some ways you can donate

In Person

Paterson, Eastern Coast,
6130 South Africa


Get involved today.

Collect & Donate Supplies

Contact us if you want to donate school,
art or sport supplies.

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