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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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This is the perfect segment if you want a quick overview of what Lighthouse of Paterson is about, what we already achieved and what our goals for this year look like.


Lighthouse for the win! 
On the 15th of June our annual charity game has taken place. This time FC Hill "Leo Hillinger's celebrity team" played against our national public service broadcaster Team "ORF". Find out who won and take a look at our video. The Lighthouse family is moving forwards - together! 


We want to achieve better living standards for our community and especially for Paterson's children. We educate them about topics such as AIDS & HIV, environmental protection and drug & alcohol abuse. 
Sport is our strategy to keep them balanced and focused on school.


We finally got a Lighthouse Headquarter! This is going to be the space where we can hold our presentations, meetings, accommodate volunteers and most importantly where Patersons youngest know they always can come to when they need help. We have a long way to go but we still think, together everything is possible!

“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.” 

Nelson Mandela

News & Events

  • Time is TBD
    Paterson, Paterson, 6130, South Africa
    The dung is cleared out, the walls are getting painted and we the roof over our heads is getting finished as we write this. The Lighthouse headquarter is assuming a form - slow but steady!
  • Time is TBD
    Paterson, Paterson, 6130, South Africa
    After two years of constant hard work and a lot of negotiations, Lighthouse of Paterson is officially able to say: "We have a home!".
  • Time is TBD
    Port Elizabeth, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    Patersons location limits medical support. In case of an emergency the next hospital is over 40 minutes away (assuming of having a car to drive there). Now Ivannitha and Leilani have the chance to participate in nursing courses to support the community with their soon mastered skills.
  • Time is TBD
    Paterson, Paterson, 6130, South Africa
    A huge Thank you to Mat van Loo for donating a piano, drums and further music supplies. Now Lighthouse of Paterson is able to provide music lessons every Sunday afternoon. Music plays a big part in the childrens life and now they're able to express themselves through an art which they were thought s
  • 22. Aug. 2019, 14:00
    Field in front of the Factory, Paterson, 6130, Südafrika
    Lighthouse's boys and girls football team are participating in a local tournament. Football is giving them focus, hope on a brighter future and a second family they can rely on.
  • 18. Juli 2019, 12:00
    Lighthouse of Paterson, Paterson, 6130, Südafrika
    On Mandela Day you do something nice for each other without expecting something in return, to honor South Africans former great leader "Mandela".
  • 15. Juni 2019, 14:00
    Sportclub FC Hill Jois, Am Sportpl. 1, 7093 Jois, Österreich
    "Wir für unsere Kinder" is a charity match series we organized together with the football club FC Hill Jois, to support the love and passion for sports of Paterson's children.
  • 10. Mai 2019, 13:00
    Paterson, Paterson, 6130, Südafrika
    About every second person in South Africa is HIV positive and the rate of girls getting pregnant at the age of 12 is too high to be ignored or condoned. Lighthouse of Paterson knew from the beginning that this is one of the most important topics we had to educate our children about.
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